i really couldnt resist to draw this thing very quickly

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Scanlation of the Oofuri vol. 23 cover omake

For full-size view and links to raw Japanese scans visit the Oofuri Dreamwidth comm

Thanks to busaikko for translating!

Oh, it’s nothing, just a sports manga

you know, about BOYS and SPORTS

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Original: 黒大ログ2 by わたの

Translation and typesetting by cozynoon

I recieved permission by the artist to share and translate this. Please support the original artist by rating and bookmarking their work!

Do not reprint without permission!


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i was reading through the prompts on ao3 for the koshien fanfic exchange and one of them requested something of the nishiura moms, which got me thinking that at some point, the moms would probably get together and share baby photos of their cute sons y/y ??

i imagine kikue is like their leader so she’ll host these parent meetings at her place (much to azusa’s eternal chagrin)

also omiai is the process of matchmaking in japan. i think the parents share photos of their kids at one point to uh, judge their prospective in-law-to-be, yeah…


Log by ロナ

※Permission to upload was given by the artist.
※無断転載はご遠慮下さい。Please refrain from unauthorized reproduction.

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some doodles of oof au where the nishiuras span across first to third years….. imagine third year catcher abe finally finding an ace pitcher in first year mihashi !!

putting my hc under the cut. PLS SHARE YOUR HC IF ANY its a very flexible au and worth exploring !!

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#finally getting the chance to properly read these and oooooh my gooooooood  #the intensity of the tajihana rivalry though  #all i can think about is the third years graduating and i want to cry  #mihashi dreaming about asking graduating!abe for one of his uniform buttons  #before remembering that nishiura doesn’t have uniforms #suyasaka  #god  #like everyone gets a crush on chiyo at some point  #but a startling number of kouhai also have crushes on sakaeguchi…  #the best part is chiyo notices all the kouhai with crushes on sakaeguchi  #and sakaeguchi notces all the kouhai with crushes on chiyo  #but neither of them realizes that their kouhai have crushes on them  #the very concept of mizutani as a senpai is a total trip  #like he prolly seems cool at first  #and then he starts making jokes and the kouhai are like  #[[flowery sigh and shiny screentone]] he’s not intimidating at all  #a lovable and endlessly approachable senpai  #he probably has to say things like ‘i am a senpai you know!’ a lot  #hanai and oki giving mihashi pointers on how to deal with abe  #esp. at first when mihashi is 100% intimidated  #so they’re like ‘nah don’t worry kiddo he’s nice he just really loves baseball’  #and they tell him silly stories about things that happened while they were pitching for abe  #so next time mihashi sees abe he keeps thinking of those stories and just kinda  #has to try really hard not to laugh  

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i’ve been getting quite a few questions about whether oof chapters are updated etc etc so i’m gonna toss what i know in one post. for a more comprehensive list, you can check out this rly useful masterpost by killuaw


Chapters 1-96 translated.

Chapter 100 translation.

Chapter 101 raws + summary.

Chapter 102 raws + summary.

Chapter 104 raws + summary.

Chapter 105 raws

Chapter 97Chapter 98Chapter 100 and Chapter 101 done by bleuchees

Chapter 102Chapter 110 and Chapter 111 done by subtled and victoriel

Chiisaku Furikabutte (Chiifuri) - a spinoff focusing on the oof side characters 

A list of oofuri profiles and omakes done by sayasamax3

there is no “official” scanlation group doing oofuri atm and chapters 97 onwards were done very kindly by tumblr users bleuchees, subtled and victoriel bless them

bonus: the Oofuri Dreamwidth archive post has a bunch of good stuff like the end credits w/o the text, rly good! 

and lastly, the best place for oof updates (for me anw) is still the oofuri tumblr tag

if there’re new updates i missed/any mistakes in this post please let me know!

edit: I JUST REMEMBERED THESE so adding them on!!

chiifuri is a short spinoff done by higuchi. its SUPER CUTE and focuses on the other nishiuras like suyama and nishihiro (you will find out why suyama is dubbed team bf pls read it)

and here’s a list of oofuri profiles and omakes done by sayasamax3 bless her 

edit2: Chapter 102 added! thank you subtled and victoriel!!!