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For Oofuri 69mins!
First was Rainy Day and Haircut for second.

I hope it’s obvious that I really like Abe.


Majority of these are based off the Oofuri 69min twitter themes. Throwing these all here for archive purposes.

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For Oofuri 69min! Prompt: Haircuts

(this is so late, I’m tempted not even to post it to twitter… *covers face*)

Pairing: Suyanai

Rating: T (but only b/c a couple of The Swears…)

Summary: Hanai needs some help with his hair. That’s definitely the only reason he texted him. Definitely.

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three quick things centered on the theme PARENTS and HAIRCUT for oof69

chiyo is sad about the hair loss but also rly wants to touch abe’s buzzcut (every nishiura tbh)


Original by 靴下猫腰子 (with permission to repost)

lame trans by me. Continue from Part 1

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So Ennoshita has a new film coming up


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The Crow’s Home

Written and directed by Ennoshita Chikara

Starring: Hinata Natsu, Hinata Shouyou, Azumane Asahi, Takeda Ittetsu, Shimizu Kiyoko, Ukai Keishin, Yachi Hitoka, Tanaka Ryuunosuke

Photography by Akaashi Keiji

Art Director: Aone Takanobu

Music: Yahaba Shigeru

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toharu said: I really, really wish they'd make a third season of Oofuri TT^TT Especially since now Mihashi has a pitching coach and I would give almost anything to watch the scene where Suyama reveals his pure-ness amongst his kink-ridden teammates animated XD

ahaha SOBS A LITTLE… i’m actually RLY hopeful they will consider rebooting oof for season 3, esp with some of the seiyuu making comments and covers recently, but we may never know 

and gOSH YEAH SUYAMA!! its so unfortunate he doesnt get more screentime because his VA is actually pretty dang hilarious. i’d give an arm and a leg to see that scene re-enacted, even if its just voices…

speaking of voice work, there’s this lovely vid of the seiyuu doing some scenes that didnt make the anime (taken from the seiyuu event), and the first one has suyama going ballistic over bad protein its so good pls watch it if you havent minna


That stare

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